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Reversible Pearl Lace Necklace

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Reversible Pearl Lace Necklace

This beautiful piece of art took more than 3 weeks to make. Hand-sewn with a patented technique this piece looks like lace encrusted with pearls and for those who love pearls but want more of a rock n roll feel can reverse the piece. This completely changes the appearance of the necklace from chic and classy to edgy and modern. Closure: Adjustable button closure at the back. 

When you wear this piece you are encouraged to think of what you are grateful for. Everytime you touch the piece, remember what you are grateful for. This responsibility is a gift from the designer to the wearer. One is not limited to go to Church or mosque or temple to be reminded to be grateful. This piece will serve as that reminder. Hope is that wearer will feel good and thus manifest a better reality for themselves.


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