Inspiring Gratefulness

Zaafar is redefining the aesthetics of spiritual, ethical fashion, creating modern jewelry and accessories that appeal to the spiritual, awoke woman. A new kind of luxury: Unique, handmade, sustainable, feel good, spiritual "Art-wear". Each piece is meant to inspire you to be grateful for what you have. The designer Saadia Zafar was born in Pakistan, spent 15 years in NYC where she attended Fashion Institute of Technology and designed for companies such as Polo Ralph Lauren. The culmination of the culture and the work experience in NYC fashion industry helped Saadia invent a technique for creating textiles and a new genre in fashion.

Patent number IP Pat. No. 9,612,090.

Saadia Zaafar

Zafar means ‘success’ in Urdu, and for half of my life I felt the burden of this name. Until I started to spiritually understand what success means to me. There is no universal definition or criteria for success, though our modern world tends to suggest that. From childhood on, we are confronted with role models of success without learning to assess if these roles are right for us. For our children this becomes increasingly threatening, as in a global digital world they are confronted with alleged success models throughout the day without filter.

In maturing I have come to the knowledge that a filter is essential. And we all own the most powerful filter: ourselves. If we have access to our real self in full consciousness.

We are who we are, based on our very individual experiences, unparalleled to any other human being. And to understand and express who we are, we have to embrace what made us who we are.

I was born and raised in Pakistan until my loving parents opened the opportunity for me to study in New York. I crossed borders to the unknown and it took me years to fully appreciate this as an enrichment of my personality and soul. I often felt as an outsider, but New York has this magic formula to accept every outsider as a valuable addition to the big picture. I have two little girls and now live in Germany and had to relearn a language, culture and make new relationships. It was my the toughest challenge yet. 

This journey made me who I am today. It’s unique and cannot be copied. And cannot be the definition of success in life.

But I have learned, there is a recipe to discover and understand your very personal success. Through gratefulness. Gratefulness for everything that happens to you for a reason. To think about it daily, with an open mind and open soul.

That’s my recipe to create Zaafar Jewelry. And I want to pass on this recipe with every piece of art I create.

To you, with an obligation that comes with owning and wearing Zaafar Jewelry. I ask you to reflect on what you are grateful for. Every time you put it on and take it off. It may be small things that come to your mind, or fundamental lifelines. It’s what is on your mind that defines you as a very individual, successful human being.

I ask you to be disciplined. Zaafar Jewelry comes with conscious gratefulness, otherwise it loses its meaning. That’s what Zaafar is all about.

Love – Saadia Zafar

“We must begin by learning what it means to have enough… to feel gratitude for having been born on a planet so rich in nature and gratitude for the water that makes our life possible. If you open your eyes you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves our gratitude. When you have become the embodiment of gratitude, think about how pure the water that fills your body will be. When this happens, you, yourself will be a beautiful shining crystal of light.”
― Masaru Emoto, Messages from Water, Vol. 1


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